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Floor Restoration Services

Floor Restoration

Floor Restoration in Clare, Galway, Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon.
Floor restoration Ireland. Although we probably don't realise it, our floors are the most used part of our homes. Time can take it's toll on even the most durable of floors. General wear and tear, footfall, spills and simple every day usage can all wear down the fresh and beautiful finish your floor once had. At Floorcare we are experts in restoring your floors to their original superb and natural looking state.

Our floor restoration process, we begin by accessing the area to be restored, this may be a whole floor or a specific area that needs special attention due to wear or damage. We then clean the area of any debris, repairing small holes and blemishes and then, if required, we use our dust free process of sanding. Virtually all dust is removed by using the most up to date equipment and methods. Our choice of process depends largely on the condition of the floor and of course on the finish that our client requires.

At Floorcare we insist on using the most environmentally friendly products available, and this is done with health and safety always a priority. We consult extensively with our clients before and during the restoration process. This ensures that every aspect of restoration; from staining to varnishing, repair to sanding, is carried out with diligence, expertise and attention to detail. Floorcare always delivers a finish that is classic, beautiful and lasting.

Dust Free, Perfect Finish!

Our Process

Sand, Stain & Varnish



At Floorcare we are renowned for our meticulous and painstaking approach when it comes to sanding. As the most important part of the restoration process before the final coatings are applied, it is essential that all sanding is done properly. We use only top quality materials, choosing carefully the grade of sand paper and the equipment best suited to the job. Large and small areas are approached and treated in a manner that ensures a superb finish. We carefully prepare and protect all affected spaces from dust and debris. To ensure that dust is kept to an absolute minimum we use specialised equipment. The finished look of any floor is heavily dependent on the quality of the sanding done before hand, Floorcare carry out all sanding in a professional, exacting and dedicated way, ensuring an exquisite finish every time.



We offer our clients a wide variety of choices when it comes to floor staining. These include the most up to date shades and colours available. The tones you choose will greatly enhance the beauty of your floor. Staining brings out the natural grain of the wood. It brings out the patterns, knots and shapes that are an inherent and natural part of wood and a unique feature of your floor. The stain you choose for your floor can accentuate your walls and ceiling and can be selected to complement or contrast with the furnishings in your room. We always use the best and most well known brands of stain. This guarantees a finish that that will not only look good but will last for very many years.



After all the hard work of cleaning and preparing your floor, it is important that the final step of varnishing or lacquering is done to the highest possible standard. As always Floorcare use the very best and most reliable products, this coupled with over 25 years experience helps ensure you get the floor you always wanted. We apply varnish with care, patience and an understanding of the materials involved that allows for a stylish and enduring finish. The result of our hard work means you get the floor you always wanted, be that matt, satin or gloss finish. Our expertise and practical knowledge guarantees that your flooring has the tones and sheen you required. Our varnishing process is always clean, environmentally friendly and efficient.