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About Floorcare

about floorcare

We deliver a finished product that is beautiful, natural and durable; with a service that is affordable and friendly.

For over 25 years Thomas Ward and his team have exemplified quality, efficiency, affordability and reliability when it comes to floor care. A practice of intense and thorough preparation, meticulous sanding methods and patient and expert application of stain and varnish, allows Floorcare to create for you the floor you always wanted.

With a vast knowledge and experience in the trade, Floorcare are ideally placed to advise and guide you when it comes to deciding how best to enhance and improve your floor. All aspects of floor care, from sanding to varnishing; staining to lacquering, are carried out with an attention to detail, dedication to the project and emphasis on health, safety and cleanliness that is second to none. Floorcare always put great emphasis on using environmentally friendly products and methods, and keeping every job as clean and dust free as possible.

From start to finish Floorcare provide a service and product to their customers that will not be beaten in terms of professionalism and diligence. We concentrate our business mainly in Clare, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, and Sligo. Floorcare work in the commercial and domestic sectors and are fully VAT and C2 registered, Call Floorcare today to restore the natural beauty of your floors.

Striving for excellence in floor

Why Choose Floorcare?

Over 25 Years Experience.

From sanding to lacquering; staining to varnishing, at Floorcare we have over 25 years experience in the trade.
Over the years we have continued to provide a top quality service while maintaining a level of customer care that is second to none. Professional, diligent and affordable, our years of experience ensures you a floor that is smooth, durable and elegant.

Environmentally Friendly.

For us Health and Safety are always a priority, that is why we use only the very best environmentally friendly products and methods. Part of our ethos dictates that we are always conscious of how we use our materials and how we dispose of dust and other waste. Using environmentally friendly products allows us to deliver a service that is always clean and responsible.

Dust Free System.

We employ a variety of methods to help minimise the dust created during the sanding process. We will keep your rooms virtually dust free until the job is completed, when we will eliminate any dust or dirt that may have been caused.
By being Professional, Experienced and Conscientious at all times, while using the most up to date and efficient sanding equipment and methods, we will keep your home practically dust free.